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So, in the chaos of building this business, I've started a WordPress site for it as well. Check it out here! Follow it, subscribe to it, hell, make an ORDER!


Why Does Everything Have To Be So Hard?

I feel like when it rains, it doesn't just pour, but like there's a stage 5 hurricane blowing through! If it's not one thing dragging me down, it's another. And right now, I feel like I'm being pummeled over and over by massive waves. Now, first and foremost, let me make one thing clear. I… Continue reading Why Does Everything Have To Be So Hard?


Today is the day…

Eight years ago, I suffered from uterine cancer. They did a complete hysterectomy and removed my ovaries as well. The chance for more children was gone. At the time, I was just wanting the cancer out, I didn't think about long term wants or needs, I was just in the moment. I had two kids at… Continue reading Today is the day…