Two years!

I can't believe that tomorrow will be two years since Camden has come into the world. Since I watched his little face, all scrunched up, being delivered. It seems like the time has flown. He's grown so much and so fast; it blows me away. I'm just doing a quick update. The kids need dinner. I do have further news though. I have recently been notified of some new siblings from my biological father's side. So there is more to come for sure. Not like anyone reads this. I was honestly thinking of treating it more as a journal, because let's be honest. I don't have readers lol.

Anyway, my baby's progression, from birth to two years old, has gone way too fast and I wish I could just slow time. Go back to the days that he was a newborn and didn't tell me "no" or "let it go", or his favorite, "leave me wone!". Ah, the life of toddlerhood. Terrible two's indeed.


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