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Sempre Sequel REVEAL! And an excerpt…

This book is something I've been LONGING for!! Sempre was just an amazing read! I loved every inch of the story. I really hope that J.M isn't forced to cut the length of the book too much with the new publisher. A definite must read!

Bookish Temptations

You guys! I’m so excited today, because Bookish Temptations is one of the blogs that participates in the title and release date reveal of the Sempre Sequel! I’ve been waiting for this book forever, and I’m so happy that in a few months we’ll have it in our hands! Carmine is back and I couldn’t be more thrilled 😉

But today on Bookish Temptations we have a very special guest who’s ready to make the big announcement …Please, dear, don’t worry, we all love you here 🙂 (we also really, really love your boyfriend, actually we dream talk about him a lot, but pretend you didn’t hear this 😉 So, have you guessed who it is yet?

Of course, it’s her! Haven Antonellifrom Sempre is here with us to make the big reveal!

Let’s give her a warm welcome and get ready to celebrate, everyone!

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